About Me


Hi there,

I’m Becca. I like to bake, I have a big love for any music born out of the 80’s, and I also like a nice rotund bottom. That’s where the name Baby Got Bake came from. Well, it’s close enough.

I love to bake, and the result of that has been this blog.

I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a house where there was always something bubbling away on the stove, or baking away in the oven. Virtually every meal I had was made from scratch, and there was such a vast selection of foods and cuisines we would eat. At the time I didn’t appreciate it at all, but goodness knows I do now. My mother is an incredible cook and baker, and her mother was the very same, as is my dad’s mother.

I write about her, and family in general, a lot here.

From a very young age, I had a hearty appetite, as did my brother and sister. We’ve held on tight to that appetite over the years and each of us has managed to develop some reasonable culinary skills. Though, we are all still put to shame by Mommah Fennelly.

For me, it is all about baking. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and there are few things in this life I get more pleasure out of, than scoffing a delicious baked treat. Baking has become one of my most treasured pastimes, but its not been without its troubles. While I love my food a lot, and I’ll tend to demolish anything that is put in front of me, unfortunately my body doesn’t react to that very well. In recent years in particular, I’ve developed a number of dietary and digestive issues that inhibit (or at least, should inhibit) what I can and cannot eat. So, with this, my baking habits have changed a little. I now experiment a lot more with Gluten / Dairy Free / Vegan recipes, and whilst it wasn’t something I warmed to initially, my attitude to clean baking and clean eating has changed massively.

Here, you’ll see a variety of recipes – the naughty stuff, the not-so-naughty stuff, and super clean treats. Everything has one common thread, though. Deliciousness.

Thanks for popping by. I hope you like what you see / read.

Becca x